Club Shop Now Open 1st April 2019

I'm pleased to announce that the club shop will open for 1 week from the 1st of April. This is a good opportunity to stock up on some new year for spring/summer and to keep us up there as the best dressed club in Renfrewshire.


To access the shop go to the Forum and click on Buy and Sell. 

Be sure to check out the sizing guides and ask around fellow members for size advice. As the kit is custom designed, all sales are final and there are no returns.  

I'd advise making orders sooner rather than later as the system has given a few issues to folk in the past. If there are any problems, drop me a message and we can hopefully sort something out. American express is a no no (who actually has one of these???), and some other cards have caused problems. Long story short, don't leave it til next Sunday to order.  


After the week is finished, the shop will close and the gear will go into production. It will take 4 weeks to arrive and will come to Andy McLeod  to distribute. This should give the guys going to Spain time to get their new gear too.




Hopefully you can get your hands on some good clobber. Dig in!