Off The Beaten Path

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The winter is coming. The roads became slippery with fallen leaves, diesel spillage and even black ice. We already had few falls in the club, luckily with no serious injuries. I am thinking I will stay safe this winter, I will jump on the turbo trainer and Zwift will see me off over the winter months. It is going well, some hard pedalling anddecent power output. This is great! But then I see the sun peaking through a cloud and The Man with the Hummer is calling me out.

I remember that amongst my bike collection there is a mountain bike somewhere. After looking hard for half an hour there it is. I give it light dusting, pump the tyres and jump on the road heading up Loch Humphrey.

I am not mountain biker. You will not see me zooming downhill jumping rocks and logs and running odd ration of fracture close to one. My mountain bike just takes me where the road bike would not. It is such a rewarding experience. I am closer to nature on the MTB, I move slower and have time to appreciate my surroundings better. I work hard and one hour peddling is enough to keep me in shape.

The downside? Yes, cleaning the bike. It just takes ages but then may be I will get this pressure washer for Christmas.

If you are still not convinced that mountain biking is the way to go have a look at my photo diary.

- Dimitar Nechev.