Club Shop OPEN!!

We're pleased to announce that the club shop will be opening this Friday, 3rd November, until Thursday 9th Nov.  It has taken a while but we now have a couple of new items to offer and the existing range has changed very slightly too.  So, let us take you through the new options we've got and details of changes to the existing range.  Once the shop is open, you can get a look at full details, pricing and pictures.


The shop can be found at and the team password is paisleyvelo


Ascent Aero jersey is the aero fit jersey to match our newer bib shorts. Regarding fit/size, please refer to this link as this top is an aero jersey design and the fit is very different from the continental jersey. The Ascent Aero jersey to the club is £50.75/pc+VAT.  We'll need to hit minimum of 5pcs to get this into production.


Ouray Bibtights  are the new bib tights added to the range.  They don't have a chamois pad in them so you can wear your favourite comfy shorts underneath.  The  price to the club is £61.25/pc +VAT and again we'll have to sell 5 items to get this produced.


Ascent bibs: Members have now the option to purchase both the short/standard length and the long length.  We have always purchased the men's ascent bibs long length which compression band is 7.5cm, while the short/standard bibs have a compression band of 4.5cm.  Please pay attention when shopping online as when clicking on the men's ascent bib shorts, once the product has been selected ,you will need to select the long option.   When selecting the long option the system will automatically add £10.00 to the price.  The ascent bibs long option selling price to the club is now £58.00/pc +VAT 


Skinsuits can now be purchased with no pockets or with a left or a right pocket, each member will choose the option individually, no need to meet minimums on this as we have already met minimums on the skinsuits in the past.  For the additional pocket, the system will automatically increase the selling price, it's up to the individual to choose. The pocket feature will increase the selling price by £15.00.


Continental jersey fabric has been upgraded and all features are the same.



Now, a bit of info on the ordering process.  Please read!


1- If you intend to use Visa Debit, you should inform your bank first or your transaction will be blocked.  Pactimo are a US company so the bank will assume you've been hacked.

2 - American Express is not accepted but virtually all other cards are fine.

3 - All orders are final and once placed, cannot be refunded.  If you're unsure over sizing, you can try on sample gear at Siempre Cycle Cafe in Partick, who are a local stockist.  We've found the sizing to be fairly honest as far as UK proportions go.  Ask around to see what folks experience is but obviously there are a couple of new items.  To reemphasise, the gear is 100% custom made for us as per the order so there is no possibility of a refund or exchange if things don't fit or you're not keen on what you receive.  

4 - Once you've made your order and the shop closes, production will begin and all the gear will be shipped to me once made.  Andy willl then arrange distribution to those who have ordered but it's approximately 4 weeks from the date the shop closes.

5 - Once the shop is closed, it won't be open again until the next order is to be placed, probably in the spring.  There is a £200 minimum order or we incur charges so we have to be sure we've got enough demand.


As ever, our sales assistant Andy will be happy to provide any assistance on ordering, sizes etc so just drop him a message on this thread or on the facebook page and he'll get back as quick as he can.