RESULTS: Hill Climb Championship 2017

The Hill Climb Championship went ahead in the morning of Sunday 1st October as planned. The weather was really wet and cold at 7 degrees so we were not surprised to have low numbers this year which was a real pity.  Nevertheless we got 6 riders which would be the absolute minimum to allow the event to take place.  The results are just below the photographs (thanks to Mark Logan for taking these!). 

Colin Sales Photo By Mark Logan
Group Minus Scott
Ian Morris Photo By Mark Logan
James McKenzie Photo By Mark Logan
Sam McGrath Photo By Mark Logan
Scott Nelson Photo By Mark Logan


1. Sam McGrath - 7:24

2. Colin Sales - 7:34

3. James McKenzie - 8:20

4. Ciaran Kirkpatrick - 8:29

5. Ian Morris - 9:40

6. Scott Nelson - 9:45

7. Derek McBurnie - 10:30 (Saturday - due to timing commitments)


So, congratulations to Sam, Colin and James for winning first, second and third places. Commiserations to Ciaran for missing out on a Bronze medal by 9 seconds. Well done to Ian and Scott for going sub 10 minutes and back to hill training for Derek!!


That concludes our confined competitive events for the year so please come the AGM to see your fellow members being awarded with their well deserved prizes. We will be arranging a session at Inchinnan for our bunch riding skills later this month so watch the forum for details of this.