Fixation 2017

Fixation - a social event taking place round Millport on the Last Sunday of March, run by Paisley Velo Club members Iain Ross & Steven McFarlane to promote the use of Fixed Wheel bikes.

Fixed Wheel bikes or Fixies, were traditionally used in the winter for training.  By using a single gear without a freewheel, the rider works harder on the uphills by pedalling a bigger gear than he would with a geared bike, and as there is no freewheel, not only is the rider always working, but on the descents, the rider either pedals extremely fast, or uses his legs as brakes to slow the bike to the desired speed. 

A gear combination around 66" would be used for winter training, and around 74" - 84" for Time Trials. 

Track bikes are good examples of a Fixie, but without brakes (NB to be road legal in the UK, you need at least one brake) and usually with a 90" to 94" gear.

In my experience, riding fixed is the equivalent of covering approx 1.5 - 2 times the distance on a geared bike.

Other advantages are stability on the bike, and a feeling of connectedness to the bike which is not achievable on a geared bike.

You don't have to have a Fixie to ride Fixation, if you have one, bring it, if you don't, pick a gear and stick with it.  A bunch will leave from QBikes at 8:30am headed towards Kilbirnie and down the Haylie Brae.

The first year we ran Fixation as a kind of Wacky Race, the last couple of years, we've simply ridden round the island a few times with our mates having a laugh.

Oh, and by the way, the food at Crocodeli is not to be missed! events/1158970830886873/? notif_t=aymt_create_post_ upcoming_event_tip&notif_id= 1490108503420977 FixieFreaksScotland/

Hope to see you on Sunday folks!

Iain Ross