Cycloteering this March

Event Details

Where - Castle Semple Car park

When - Planning it for Sunday 12th & 19th March - 9.15am for 9.30am start, option to meet at shop at 8.30am and cycle down.

Format - 16.5 mile route, 3 groups with set average speeds of 13-15mph, 14-16mph & 16-18mph over 2 laps of the route. Set off slowest group then middle then fast group all arriving back at base at same time. (We will see how these speeds works out and adjust if necessary for second week) We will arrange hot filled rolls and hot drinks if possible.

Benefit - Working as a group, communication, pace discipline and hard work. It should be noted that there is a fair descent for the last mile or 2 of the lap so don't be too concerned if you are a wee bit below pace at the 13/14 mile stage!
The slow group should take about 2.5 hours to do it and the fast group about 2 hours max. Which means a half hour gap from the slow group to the fast group heading off so If you are in the fast group it is fine for you to turn up at 9.45am say if you wish. 
See you there!